My Method

Studying at our school doesn’t mean that your child has to want to become a professional dancer, but he or she will have every chance to achieve this if they want.


I use a unique "6 steps to mastery" system in my work. This method is aimed at developing the artistic skills and physical abilities of each child. "6 steps to mastery" is an excellent balance between entertainment and education. Your child will develop high-level ballroom technique by playing through the application of our principle of mastering excellence through play. Your child will learn to dance elegantly while at the same time developing creative thinking, improving coordination, and strengthening posture and muscles.


The work is challenging, but also highly entertaining and imaginative. One of our main goals is to teach your child to work hard while enjoying what they are doing.


Keeping parents involved is very important to my work. Together, we will work together when it comes to your child’s dance education. I clearly understand that you want to know not only that your child is having a good time, but that you also need to understand how these lessons are useful for him or her. Our goal is to contribute to providing a better future for your child through leading him or her to become a healthy, happy, and successful person.


The entire process is completely open, transparent and monitored by you as parents. I will explain to you thoroughly and regularly what we are doing during lessons and, more important, what skills are being improved.


Our course includes compulsory testing of the acquired skills and developing abilities at each level which consist of two parts: physical abilities and creative thinking.


Tests take place once every 6 months. Tests are carried out in the form of public dance recitals. We invite parents, friends, and all fans of the art of dance to these beautiful events. In addition to these regular progress checks, you will have an opportunity to monitor the educational process of your child with the help of an exclusive journal and work-book specific to your child.


To sign up your child, all you need to do is to fill out this form (link) for the open class. We strive to contact you the same day we receive your request, and will register your child in the open class where he or she will immediately begin to learn some basic dance elements.