Dance Biography of Victor Golubkov

Victor Golubkov is a Russian trained dancer has 30 years of international ballroom dance and performance experience.Victor's experience has included over 15 years of intensive teaching and training of amateur and championship dancers in Russia. For the past 4 years Victor Golubkov have been teaching and training in Victoria  BC, Canada. 


Victor Golubkov started ballroom dancing at the age of seven. While dancing he went through from Pre-Bronze level up to Championship level in Moscow (Russia). Victor's best results were as follows:


  • In 2006 — the winner of the Open Malaysia Championship.  2006 — World Championship semifinalist in 10 dances according to IDSA (member of WDC).


  • 2005 — the prize-winner of the Open Championship in Italy in International Standard, Italian Championship finalist in 2005 for the Latin American version of the program for IDU.


  • 2005-2007 — the Winner of MFSD ranking tournaments in the International Standard program.


Victor's other dance and teaching accomplishments include:


  • Also in 2008 he got approved to be a judge in MFSD and had judged competitors from PreBronze to Championship level.


  • Victor Golubkov have a degree in teaching physics and English. In 2001 he graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical University.


As a professional teacher and trainer of dancers Victor actively uses the following resources and experience:


  • Mentored and taught by the leading dance teachers in Moscow, Russia;


  • Exclusive techniques, exercises, and teaching materials developed during 10 years of academic work and physical training.


The achievements of Victor's students in the 2009-2010 dancing season were:

In August 2012 Victor Golubkov moved to Victoria BC and started working for Arthur Murray Victoria BC. In June 2014 he decided to continue his journey in ballroom dancing and opened his own dance studio VGdance. Since them his students showed great results in competitions in BC and Canada. Among them:

  • Undefited winner in Bronze and Silver Pro-Am competitions in BC

  • Winners of Adult Bronze Standard in Snowball 2014