What is Pro - Am?

Ballroom dancing is a unique combination of art and sport. Ballroom dancing is a style and expression, it is impeccable elegance of movement, and it is a brilliant and radiant beauty! You might think that you can’t become involved in ballroom dance is because you require a partner.  This is absolutely not true!  Ballroom dance is accessible to anyone, and if you don't have a partner available to take lessons with, then pro/am is the right path for you.


Why should I do Pro - Am?

During private lessons, group lessons, and social events, you will learn the steps and technique in the ballroom and latin dances you choose both on your own and while dancing with me as your partner.  Because you learn how to do the steps both by yourself and with a partner, you will be better able to adapt to different partners in different settings, such as social dances, should you choose to—this is an advantage to being a pro/am student!


Why should I choose VGdance?

I have been committed to teaching pro/am for several years, and I enjoy the challenge, motivation and fulfillment it provides, as well as the satisfaction of seeing my students achieve their goals.  Teaching pro/am motivates me to work continually on improving my own dancing—both for myself and the benefit of my students. As I dance with my students, I am challenged to adjust and adapt my own dancing to multiple partners, which helps my students always look their best. This is always my number one goal!


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