Why should I do Pro-Am?


In choosing to learn through pro/am, you are also choosing to focus on your own health and wellness.  There are many numerous health benefits to dancing including increased fitness, weight control, increased cognitive abilities, stronger muscles, better balance and coordination. Many people dance are able to dance well into their 90s—some even competing! Together, we will develop a unique and individual path of learning that is focused solely on your needs, abilities and goals.

When learning through pro/am, you are always learning to progress, not to adapt to the ability of someone else.  This allows pro/am students to achieve a much higher standard of dancing as their progress is not dependent on another amateur dancer.  In addition, you are always able to see the standard you are trying to achieve. Learning through pro/am, you are truly learning by doing!

In addition to being a more versatile dancer able to adapt to different partners, because you are learning to dance with a skilled instructor, you may learn quicker than if you were learning with a partner at a similar skill level. As a professional instructor working with you as your partner, I am always professional and therefore more ready to be flexible, adaptable and willing to compromise than an amateur partner may be, which may help you achieve your goals faster.

As an instructor, I feel the best test of any student’s progress and ability is during public performance. Adrenalin and energy from an audience provides the required added element for executing truly great showmanship and artistry.  Therefore, I recommend and strongly encourage all my students to dance in public settings—whether in showcases, social dances, or competitions.